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01/09/2014Requiem Vampire Knight English digital version on Comixology!


From a few weeks now Pat Mills has his own space at Comixology, the "Millsverse" (UK site and US site). And now, Requiem Vampire Knight series will be available in digital high res format. Volume 1 is already out (2.49£ or 3.99$), and volume two will follow in two days. You have never seen Olivier Ledroit's art like this!

12/04/2011French special edition for upcoming 10th Volume

To celebrate the release of the 10th Volume of Requiem Vampire Knight : Blood Bath, 3 different covers will be available : the regular one (Elizabeth), and two more containing 16 extra pages drawn by various artist consecrating Requiem.

Couverture Requiem Tome 10Couverture Requiem Tome 10Couverture Requiem Tome 10

19/01/2011Russian fans are talented!

Recently discovered through DevianART, these two 3D fan-arts from Russian artists are feast for the eyes! Created for the Comic-Con (4th largest comic book event in the world), these arts make you wish that a Requiem video game will someday be released. Imagine what a great RPG or beat them all you could get from such a rich universe as Requiem vampire knight!

You can access their personal page via the Fanarts section. Finally note that Chernovjohn is currently working on the character of Venus. You can follow his advancements on his blog.

14/10/2010New fan-arts online


Thirteen new fan-arts have been uploaded. As usual, if the authors have a personnal website, blog or webpage, the link is available both in the Fanarts section and in the dedicated gallery.
The Evil's nest thanks the authors for sharing their work on the website. If anybody wants to send us their own work please first use the form in the "A note?" section to contact us and we'll reply to you and explain how to send us your work (very simple).

Below is a preview of the newly uploaded fan-arts (click on the pics to display them on top):

BaltarzanChin des TénèbresKingvut

01/07/2010Interview of Pat Mills

Resurrection The Evil's nest organized through our new member, Hevydevy, an interview of Pat Mills, one year after the previous one. You can find it in the Interviews - Reportings section of the website.

Pat Mills

03/06/2010Sale of drawings by Olivier Ledroit

Some of Olivier Ledroit's drawings are for sale. If you're interested, the cover of the novel is for sale here. Two drawings from Heroes of Might and Magic and a succubus will be put up for auction, simultaneously in Paris and Brussels. The Millons sales catalog is here.

couverture roman d'Olivier Ledroitdessin Heroes of Might and Magic - Olivier Ledroitdessin Heroes of Might and Magic - Olivier LedroitSuccube d'Olivier Ledroit

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