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Fanarts section!

The page devoted exclusively to the fans! Fans who know how to draw of course :-).

If you also want to share your fanarts to the world = D, please click here. Just contact us and then you will be able to send us your artworks ^^.

For artworks whose authors have a personal webpage, a blog, an online community or whatever, just click on the name of the author to get there.
Most fanarts were found via the website DevianART, and you can find the group gathering fans of Requiem Vampire Knight at: http://resurrectioncemetery.deviantart.com. Some authors from DevianART did not respond to our request for permission to display their artworks directly on this website. For the concerned artworks, they are underlined by an arrow and point directly to the author's page on DevianART. Please note that for this reason these drawings are not part of the gallery dedicated to fanarts.
Finally some fanarts are not linked to their author yet and are grouped under the name "Unlisted."


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