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Interview of Pat Mills via email (30 June 2010)

This interview has been lead by Hevydevy from questions of the members of Resurrection The Evil's nest forum.

About Requiem

Yours truly (Hevydevy): You describe some connections between our Earth and Resurrection, have you ever considered that Paradise "lost" or whatever sort of heavens may be as counterpart to the Red planet may exist and have same mysterious relationships?
Pat Mill: Yes. It has to exist and there are some references to products from it – Angels Tears for instance.
YT: Where do the souls of the expired or defunct vampires go?
PM: They would come back to Resurrection. Hence Thurim returns as Requiem.
YT: Lavoisier used to say - "nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed" - what is the karma of the next stage of vampires, ghouls and their likes?
PM: Good point. Transformation should theoretically be possible, but there are no signs of it on Resurrection. Possibly it happens in some way over aeons and outside the context of the story. For now!
YT: In the last volume of Requiem we see, on Edgar Hoover's desk, a picture of a vampire who looks much like Sabre. Is it him?
PM: It is. We want Sabre to have his own series, and we did discuss his adventures on earth as a Vampire. But we felt that – for now – the readers and the artist would prefer a Sabre adventure set on Resurrection.
YT: If it is, when was this picture taken? Was it when Sabre was still a human or when he already was a vampire?
PM: When he was already a Vampire.
YT: Do photo pictures have the same effect than mirrors on vampires? Does it show them as they were on earth?
PM: Interesting point. I don't think it would.
YT: Olga Zacharov has the name and the appearance of a woman (we see her human shape on the first page of the last volume, and her vampire shape a few times in throughout the book).
Yet, when Edgar Hoover speaks of her, he refers to her as a man. Why is that?

PM: She wears a male disguise. Perhaps Hoover... cross-dresser... is a little confused as well!
YT: One member of the forum also noticed that Eastern Europe female name always end up with an "a", so her name should be Olga Zacharova. Was the fact that her name doesn't end with an "a" done on purpose to create another innuendo about her real sex?
PM: Ah! So a female even affects the surname? So if it was a man... it would be Zacharov ; and a woman Zacharova. I didn't know that!
YT: In the last "past vision from Earth" that opens each new Requiem volume, we see vampires. How did these vampires arrive on Earth? Was it the same way that The Pilgrim came down on Resurrection?
PM: Yes.
YT: After what we learnt on the past of Mitra, is she a woman or still a man?
PM: I think she is a woman on Resurrection.

About Claudia

YT: Now that we have learned more about the Pilgrim, we see that he tends to hide his real intentions under the names of Purity and God. Will he came back as a ghoul when he dies?
PM: Yes. Or a religious fanatic.
YT: Is he dead (and therefore, on Resurrection) when the storyline of Requiem occurs?
PM : Not decided yet. But I like him very much. He is an excellent villain. I'm just about to write the next Claudia.
YT: We learn from Grozny Pork and Martini Shot that resurrectionists can change from ghouls to vampires. Are there other characters we already know who were different in their nature before? (Vampire, zombie, ghouls)
PM: I think they could all upgrade or downgrade.
YT: I would like to know if the "familiars" came out of your imagination, or if you were inspired, and by what?
PM: I think I read about some demons somewhere and they inspired me.
YT: An occasional participant of the website, who wished to remain anonymous (but lets call him Franck "the backpacker" Tacito), wants to know when you plan to send to him the next script of Claudia?
PM: Working on it sometime this week! Sorry for the delay, Franck!

About Broz

YT: Book 3 of Broz "tooth and Clame" has been fully written and drawn, but eventually will not be published by Nickel Edition. Would it be possible to consider a release in UK, or anywhere else?
PM: I think there's always that possibility. But it took ten years for there to be UK Requiem edition!

About the way of writing

YT: You used to write almost exclusively for weekly, fortnightly and monthly magazines or comics. While writing for Sha, Requiem or Claudia, did you have in mind to adapt a little your storytelling for an annual release rate? I think especially about the fact that the events taking place in Requiem can take only a few hours (Volume 8 and Volume 9), while the reader must wait at least one year between each volume, which can be frustrating.
PM: I know! It is frustrating. But I think it's the best format in the world. Better than the US formats. I'm used to writing graphic novels so it wasn't too difficult to adapt.
YT: You have a reputation of giving very detailed scripts to the artists you work with. Do you also give indications or suggestions about the construction of the pages, the way you imagine one frame will follow the other, the position of the characters, etc.
PM: Not with Olivier or Franck because they are both excellent designers. Occasionally I might design a page where the story was very important. But for new British artists I do design the pages and it has proved worthwhile. In my opinion British comics still have a lot to learn from the French.

About the other works

YT: Finally this year in France we can see the fruits of your brilliant collaboration with Clint Langley. When does your newest work together, "American Reaper", will be released in UK and which publisher?
PM: It will be a while, but there is a preview of some pages in SFX'S Comic Heroes magazine.


We thank Pat Mills for his speed to reply as well as his enthousiasm on the Q&A.

- Hevydevy & The Evil's nest -

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