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Interview of Pat Mills via email (14 June 2009)

This interview has been lead by Hevydevy from questions of the members of Resurrection The Evil's nest forum.

About Nickel edition

Yours truly (Hevydevy): Can you tell us in detail the creation of Nickel Editions? How did you come up with the idea? What is it's purpose?
Pat Mill: Jacques Collin came up with the idea. To produce books by Olivier, myself and others.
YT: Apart the forthcoming publication of Slaìne, do you have in mind some of your others English language creations that you wished be translated by Nickel in France?
PM: Marshal Law looks a good possibility.

About Requiem and its universe

YT: Is twelve the definitive number of volumes we can expect for Requiem, Chevalier Vampire, or can we expect more?
PM: I suspect it could be more!
YT: So far, up to which volume Working on have you finished the script, and can you give us a sneak peak at what is going to happen ?
PM : Working on tome 9 right now which involves pirates. Olivier has designed some fantastic Japanese, Chinese and Heavy Metal Pirates! So I am writing scenes featuring them.
YT: How many French volumes, the forthcoming American edition of Requiem will include in one book ?
PM: I think it's 2 or 3 volumes a book. We are hoping Panini will do the British edition!
YT: Many fans are disappointed that, at the end of Requiem's eighth volume, the story isn't much further then it was at the end of the seventh volume, even if the duo Requiem/Thurim matures. What would you reply to them?
PM: There are many stories on the go which is part of the style of the series, so we have to "keep all the balls in the air". But the pirates attack Necropolis in Vol 9. So I hope this is progress.
YT: Resurrection is a very rich world, just waiting to be explored. Can we expect collaborations with fellow writers to explore other parts of this rich universe?
PM: Ah, the problem is finding other artists first... Let's get them and then maybe... who knows? You're right, it is an extremely rich world but it needs just the right touch to work for both story and art.
At the moment, I think the world is still developing!

YT: What's the status of the collection of short stories based on Requiem's world? We know that in addition to Olivier Ledroit and Franck Tacito, there would be Jean-Baptiste Monge, Fabrice Angleraud and Alex Alice illustrating too. Are there any other names to be announced? (We heard rumours about an American illustrator)
PM: All this is true, and we have talked about it, but haven't got a final date yet.
YT: Do the lemure rejuvenate and why some of them look like ghosts, others are pale green, and others regular skin colored?
PM: H'mm... Good point... I think it would be like different types of dogs, cats etc. But maybe should be answered in a large feature.
YT: Who is the supreme leader of the Lemure, and will we see in Requiem the Lemure fortress? (like a big city hidden inside a mountain or something)
PM: Another good point... I think we should find some space to look at this... But when?
YT: Will we see Venus in the next volume of Requiem? We miss her ...
PM: I miss her, too! Lots of pirates in Vol 9, including Venus.

About Claudia and Sabre Eretica

YT: Is there already a final number of volumes set for the Claudia saga?
PM: Six volumes for the first series.
YT: With Claudia Chevalier Vampire, the writing has a less serious tone than Requiem. It's feels like you are freer to try out new ideas and simply have fun. Can we expect the same with the spin-off dedicated to Sabre?
PM: Claudia is a more frivolous character than Requiem. So yes - Sabre,too. But there are lots of humorous scenes and characters in Requiem... e.g. Devil's Dictionary.
YT: Could you tell us a bit more about Sabre Eretica's past life? What was his job, when and where did he live?
PM: Ah! Well it's not written yet, so don't hold me to this... But I think he was a czarist officer in Russia in 1917... He was too busy having fun with wine, women and gambling , so he ignored the order to arrest Lenin and spent the night with a beautiful Countess instead.
So the communist revolution resulted in millions of deaths which is why Sabre is a Vampire. Because it's all his fault!

YT: Concerning Sabre Eretica's spin off, how are things going so far? (did you find a illustrator for it yet?)
PM: I think it would be the artist in the one-off stories, but nothing is finalised yet

Other related (or not) topics

YT: Are you interested to develop Requiem's world in other media like movies, book or video game? Have you ever received proposals?
PM: Not as yet, but I think we will when the American edition is out. Yes... would be great to develop his world more
YT: Would you be interested to write for videogames?
PM: Absolutely. And I'm sure Olivier would have special talent here because I was always impressed by his visuals for the Chronique de La Lune Noire game. Brilliant. Maybe one day he will be a film director!
YT: We know you are working at the moment on a movie scenario. Can you tell us more about that project?
PM: It's for Xingu Films who produced the forthcoming Moon and also did the very cool A Guide To Recognising Your Saints. It's a science fiction cop story.
YT: Olivier Ledroit wishes to release a book about dark faerie and magic in a 19th century Gothic style published by Nickel. We have heard you would be responsible for the writing of the story around his illustrations. Can you tell us a bit more about the story itself?
PM: A little early because I need to be guided by Olivier, but I love the artwork and the models made for it. It is really superb!
YT: You may know our fan site dedicated to Requiem and more specifically to the world of resurrection, as you have met one of us last July at Tattoo Art Fest. The site still isn't in English, and while we are still working on it, it won't be the case for a long time due to all the work needed. However, the title has always been in English: "Resurrection, The Evil's nest." Would you be willing to write a paragraph from this idea (the evil's nest), in the same flavour as the texts you write for Requiem, so that we may proudly display it on our home page?
PM: I would be thrilled to. But you may need to guide me a little as to which texts from Requiem I should use as a model.
I will have some spare time from September onwards!

YT: Do you have many contacts with your readers? Or are interviews, like this one, the only way you interact with them.
PM: I talk to fans at conventions of course, but I think this is the first e-mail contact in a long while. It's great – I really enjoy it. And you are very polite which I really appreciate! Do feel free to ask me more... and good luck with the Evil's Nest. Great title!

Best wishes



I thank Pat Mills for the serious and the enthousiasm on the Q&A.

- Hevydevy -

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